Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Images – New & Old Looks.

The new photo gallery uses a different application and we can compare how a single photo looks:



Use the full-size icon in the new gallery (above & below) to supasize the image. The original image can also be downloaded.


Installing & configuring a photo gallery.

Installed Menalto Gallery & tested with two images. Now it’ll be config time wrestling with .php, .css and their friends .htaccess etc.

Take a look at In Memoriam – a basic album with 2 sub-albums. Do you like the theme? This will be the default theme with a few changes. Unless you know of a better one?

Please comment if you have any ideas; if you are expert and want to help – please contact us.

Menalto Gallery is free open-source software.


In Memoriam – In Development

While learning Drupal I’m building a temporary site home page.

As you will see I want to remember those who have gone before & I am in need of good personal photos and reminiscences  of Bhaskar & Lupo especially.

I’d also like to mention Brian Beresford who was an early traveller, a lovely man & an excellent photographer, see his archive at Nomad Picture Library

They will all have their own single simple memorial page leading off from these  small home page photos IN MEMORIAM.


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