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Post Office Baba – Banaras 1960s.

Post Office Baba lying nude on his mat on the steps of the main Banaras Post Office, 1963.

When we lived in Banaras in the 1960s, there were numerous unusual people & places, with Post Office Baba, above, one of the more visible. When a friend  recently emailed this image, several of us kicked around the meaning that it has for us today, 45 years later.

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Site Update – 18 Sept ’09

I am soliciting feedback and comments on the structure of this site:
A simple Home Page (above) gives entry to the;


BLOG (Articles, Stories, Reporting):
factual or fantastical, text, images, audio and video.

PHOTOS (People, Places, Art):
one album per person – linked to the wiki page.

WIKI (small encyclopaedia):
each page is linked to the relevant photo album.

Jasper Photo album is linked to Jasper Wiki page;

My next work is to add wiki pages to the existing photo albums (Bhaskar, TJ, Mataji, et al); after that I’ll start adding in people whose photos I have, giving them a photo album and a wiki page each.

Feel free to make comments on anything. Complaints on navigation, style, etc to me by email only please.

You can login to the Wiki to create and update pages.
You can log in to the Photo albums to make Comments on photos.
Blog posts can be commented on without a login but are moderated.

Test it all out – I want bugs out before the site gets too much momentum!