Thank you all for all your help

I’m hitting Publish & heading for the airport & then India; below is where I’m going; I’ll be sitting on that rock, watching the sun set slowly over the ocean, Jai Hind! Jai Bharat Mata! Jai Ho!

Canacona (Patnam) Beach, Goa.

Patnam Beach, Canacona, South Goa

25/05/09 – I mention the phrase The Flower Raj in an email to Dave Tomory who liked it & thereby rescued it from obscurity; Dave allows me to pester him & tells me about Oral History – thanks!

01/06/09 – domain name registered with Joker.Com.

13/07/09 – WordPress blog installed, first post, a boring techie Update.

07/08/09 – Arthur Mandelbaum writes: “I think the ‘Flower Raj’ site is a magnificent idea, not only to access the past, but to know what’s happening now and to get a good glimpse of the future.  Since Jasper’s demise is the inspiration for this, I have recalled a partial list of those whose adventures intersected with my travels in India and Nepal and a few I met later.”

And Arthur went on finding names & contacting people & interviewing & rescuing, he has done so much – he is someone without whom this site would be much less than it is. Thanks!

And PeN – who has patiently allowed me to rummage amidst voluminous writings & massive miscellanea  & put up with my short temper & insecurities. Thanks!

Others have written or provided material that I’ve edited & posted on the blog,  Paul Giraud, Smiljan Siska, David Tomory, Marilyn Stablein, Andy Klein & Charlie Martin. Thanks!

Others have written material that is going to be posted on the blog, Neil Rock, David Buschman, Brice Bowman, Richard Tenzin Mueller. Thanks (& ‘real soon now’)!

Some have interacted via Comments (& emails which I then posted as Comments or made into a post like the Post Office Baba discussion post). Ziska & Andrew Somerville & Klaus Schlichtmann & Steve Landsberg, Hetty Maclise & Robert Beer; Torben Huss, Tobias Moss & Steve AbramsPaul Guerin & Jay Winogrond, Heidi Spielhagen & Keith Dowman, Brian Bombay & John Moon & Deniz & Geoffrey D; Marianna Rydvald, Deborah Shri Devi & Heather Williams, Gill Farrer-Halls & Kimo Morrison, Constance Rivemale, Eve Neuhaus & Terris Temple. Thanks!

Others provided photos & remembrances, often sweet & touching ones, especially when they have come from the families of the Gone Beyond; Oberne/Fishman/Diels family Rebecca & Isaac bless them; Susu Morrison & Penny Ohana; William (Swayambu Billy) ForbesNik Douglas, Margo Sagov & Caroline Deakin & others in Goa & Europe & Australia, the Caribbean  & the US of A. Thanks!

I’ve been much stimulated by  Rock ‘n Roll RajAndrew Rogers, a great resource. Thanks!

And there’s the back-office support, the excellent Bob Hutchinson of MidWales.Com who has put up with my fumbling programming & immediate capacity to totally forget how UNIX permissions work. Thanks!

The Blog Archives now contain 20 posts & 32 comments, in 16 categories. The Photo Albums have 142 photos. The Encyclopaedia has 25 pages.

We’re a small niche site, here’s some stats (these are unique visitor views as of 21/11/09):

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It will take time to build a larger audience, as the content breadth & depth slowly grows.

So I’m off! To India and you won’t hear from me until I get connected & see the man in Chauri Bazaar for a phone & data SIM, about a week from today.

Molyma Hotel Roof, Canacona.

Molyma Hotel Roof, Canacona.

More later from the Molyma Hotel, Canacona, Near Palolem, South Goa, India & above is the only photograph I could find of it … Google Map Here.

(photo credit hueystar @ flickr with thanks)


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  • Nico, I just got to Phuket where Sarod Chaz and I are going to commune with Bom Shiva Owsley Shankar. Chaz has pneumonia so who knows how many more trips there’ll be, right? the Big P killed Jasper, after all. Are we next?

    Om Shanti Om

  • Penelope Newsome

    Golly, Nico. THANK YOU! and all the other good people contributing to this fascinating site. But Thank you Nico, for getting it all together and keeping it together.

    How much Jasper would enjoy it all! Maybe of course is enjoying it all. PeN

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