Geshe Jamspal Interviewed – Jan 2010

Arthur Mandelbaum wrote: “This interview has an introduction in it. You can say that Geshe Lobsang Jamspal is a great scholar of Sanskrit and Tibetan Buddhist texts. He was a teacher at the Sanskrit University, Benares, during the late sixties and early seventies. He’s been in the USA since 1974. Since getting his PhD from Columbia University, he has been teaching there and translating. He revisited the Sanskrit University in January 2009. I videoed the interview with him on 3rd February 2010 at his residence at Columbia”.

Geshe Jamspal at the Sanskrit University 2009 photos  of his return visit.

Geshe Jamspal CV/Bio (PDF view or download).

Geshe Jamspal at Columbia University, Jan 2010.

Geshe Jamspal at Columbia.


Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center (seems to be offline 2014/1).

Columbia University Faculty

The Tibet Center


University Web Site

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Pandit Baldev Upadhyaya (Director/Professor Emeritus, Research Institute, SSU).

Herbert Güenther (German Buddhist Scholar – Headed SSU Buddhist Dept 58/63).


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  • Thank you Arthur Mandelbaum for this great interview.

    I have had the good fortune to know Geshe-la since the mid 60’s, first at Sanskrit University, then later in Kathmandu Nepal with his brother.

    While living in Hawaii, I again met him when he came to Nechung Dryang Ling on the Big Island.

    Before Nechung Rinpoche passed away he requested Geshe Jamspal to come to Hawaii and help with the Temple. I had the great pleasure of meeting him again. I must say though Geshe-la always impressed me with his kindness and joy that surrounded him. I was again very impressed with his being, but the teachings he gave to us then were the most clear I had ever heard.

    Recently I was in contact with Geshe Jamspal and asked him to be an expert on the film “Thongdrol” I am making with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa.

    It is with great pleasure seeing him being interviewed here online in Chiang Mail Thailand.

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