“I’m Waiting for the Man” – Night Music

‘… and if Anjuna Beach had an anthem, that should be it …’.

Dave Tomory wrote:
I asked my friend Constance if I could call her short video Night Music – as in Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – because apart from me, all the people playing in it are German.

I meant it as a sort of tribute. For instance, the house you see us rehearsing in, the house Harry, the harp and acoustic guitar player, and Christine, had been living and playing in for many years, with many different musicians, was music and hospitality central in the part of north Goa that most of us lived in.

Any good things we played emerged from that little world of hospitality. As habitual visitors – serial tourists, if you like – or residents, we’d all been playing in India on and off for years. For decades. Klaus the fiddle player and Skip the drummer had done big gigs together in Mumbai in, I think, the eighties; Harry had been running sessions and playing in Goa forever; likewise Rainer the bassist, enviable owner of The Outhouse, another great place to play.

Myself, I’d been a band player in Dharamsala between 1979 and 1981 (an account of this period, titled The Hills Are Alive, appears in the Penguin India anthology Mountain Stories), and I was familiar, as we all were, with the curious & certainly unique world of rock n’ roll in India in The Old Days.

Now, of course, Indian rock n’ roll burgeons and is highly professional. For me and my colleagues, it was otherwise. To be brief, it was easier in the seventies and eighties to act like a rock n’ roller than to play like one. Rusty secondhand strings, boiled and knotted together, cardboard speakers and combustible amplifiers, megaphones for microphones, guitars by Gibtone… Enough.

Backstage, however, was more like it. You could have as much fun as the Stones, and cheaper, too.

But to return to the video you see before you, filmed in Goa, this century (2008).  Sometimes we ventured out from the music house, when it was dark, and did proper gigs. This one was at Laguna Anjuna, a notable resort at the famous or infamous Anjuna Beach. Constance filmed and recorded the gig that night: and if the work isn’t perfect, well, conditions were difficult, it was tumultuous in there, and her mic was playing up. It sounded much better on the night – as witness the jiving barmen.

Still, the video gives you the general idea. It’s a document. And a word on the song chosen to illustrate that gig: it was chosen for a reason. Not only did the Velvet Underground’s I’m Waiting For The Man have the least bad sound recorded that night, but it may be the only fiddle version of a much-covered song.

Dave Tomory - London July 2009.

And if Anjuna Beach had an anthem, that should be it.

D M Tomory 2009.



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  • Anjuna Beach and the Vajra Hammer Band have come a long way since the early days. Great stuff! You guys rock! And the arty video makes it all seem like the dream it might have been….

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