Eating Air in India Video – Robin Brown

“The book Eating Air in India is an eclectic compendium of genuine insiders’ knowledge. It has travel, history, spirituality, lust, motorbikes, religion, philosophy, dope, hippy anecdotes, literary references and humour aplenty.”

The Flower Raj presents a video of Robin Brown, a pilot episode for a proposed series based on his book. Robin has lived in India for decades since the 1960s & has both travelled widely & read wisely about India.

Mike Russell-Hills filmed & edited this, a lower resolution version is available on his site & he can be contacted there.

nota bene: as an introductory ‘pitch’ pilot video, this only gives a taste of Robin,  in person  he talks most engagingly about people, places & subjects dear to him and of which most travellers will not even have heard of. Hence I hope to interview him talking and publish the dialogues as audio podcasts on The Flower Raj Blog, If all goes as planned I’ll be engaging with him in Goa this winter (2012).

The Flower Raj will also assist Robin Brown in bringing out “Eating Air…” as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

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5 Responses to “Eating Air in India Video – Robin Brown”

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this Robin. Charming, witty and wise, I look forward to the ‘Eating air’video in it’s entirety. It’s well put together,both filming and editing. Good job.

  • Hardress Waller

    Hi Robin, lovely to see you / hear you after so long ! Read yr first book with great pleasure, hope to get this one too , love from Tuscany, Hardress xxx (& to Madame !!!).

  • Hi Robin,
    I also thoroughly enjoyed watching this, listening to your words, and seeing your smile. This film is very well done, I’ll be looking for your new book. Good luck with it all and happy travels.
    My love to you, comme toujours,
    Janey. xox

  • Robin: Greetings from the Pacific Northwest Sunshine Coast!

    My friend Hardress sent me your blog post because I’ve spent a good deal of time in India over many years. I’ve just watched your video, and I have to tell you that yours is the best short summary of what India consists of that I’ve ever heard. You manage to convey respect and understanding of the place and people without the oh so earnest sentimentality or condescension so usual in much of the commentary around these days – nicely done! I like your approach.

    (You looked like a sight for sore eyes on your bike too…)

    Happy trails…

  • Look forward to getting it, have tried several times on Amazon but no luck yet.

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