Flower Raj “Articles” – A Review

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We were asked to make  a section of The Flower Raj devoted to self-publishing; where anyone can have their own account & create, edit & publish their own material. The Flower Raj Articles debuted in June 2011 & has been a quiet treasure ever since.

some of the authors:

george farrow

Sadhu George Farrow – prolific, scholarly; Hevajra Tantra, Sadhus.

Bashka JacobsBashka Jacobs – poems, free verse;  more on  facebook.

Buddha BoudreauxBuddha Boudreaux – personal bodyguard of Bhagwan  (Osho) .

Vinaya ChaitanyaVinaya Chaitanya – Gurukula life…

Jose LargeJose Large – “Miss Rose – Departures”, poetry in motion.

Neal RockNeil Rock – stories, memories of travel.

Another author.Christopher Freeland – changes India put him through.

Another author.

Mike Lesser – Tony Jackson, the electroshock ward.

Brice BowmanBrice Bowman – his ’60s journey to India .

Nico MorrisonNico Morrison – the Jogini hydro dispute.


Why not join The Flower Raj Articles? Use the  Contact Form & we will make you an account & email it to you. Write for yourself & right for us…

It is a simple process (though capable of refinement); basically you write your article in plain text on your laptop (or ‘phone or internet cafe) & then login to the articles site & paste in your text; you save it, you check it, you preview it & if it’s OK – you hit publish & it’s out there.

Additionally you can add images which always spice up an article; & if you want to add a video inside the article, you make a Youtube video & then just embed it.

Sooooooo simple; so all you budding writers out there, get stuck in, sharpen your pens & your wits & add your material to The Flower Raj Articles.

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