Those we remember.

At this festive season we gather all those The Flower Raj has remembered; this oral history is one of the main aims of this site, to remember, for our children & for their children…

Those we remember in The Flower Raj Photos In Memoriam Album, bless them all:

More in The Flower Raj Encyclopaedia, see Deceased, includes Ohne Zee & Australian John McInerney. rip.

If you would like someone else remembered, please Comment below or in our Contact Us form.

Let us hope that they are all enjoying, wherever they are now & whoever they have been reborn as.

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2 Responses to “Those we remember.”

  • Brice, I was looking at the memorial album & comparing it with a list that Arthur Mandelbaum helped put together in the early days of The Flower Raj; people we thought needed remembering & were not well-represented elsewhere.

    There are many more on that list, but we’ve made progress.

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