On Spammers & Blocking them.

Two years ago we averaged one hundred spam Comments a day. Last year it went up to one thousand a day. Right now we get between 1500 & 2000 spam Comments a day & I decided to do something about it.

Spam Commenting (& attempted Registration by Spammers) has become a huge problem. Spam is profitable & almost impossible to prosecute so as the internet has become bigger & faster – so have the activities of Spammers.

Yesterday I implemented a spam blocker & it has reduced our Spam Comments to about ten per day, excellent!

But – it is possible that genuine Commenters may find themselves blocked & unable to post a Comment; if so I apologise in advance & ask that you request to be White-listed in the form that appears when you are blocked.

You can also use our Contact Form to request unblocking.

Or you can email me at nico.morrison [AT] gmail [DOT] com & I will unblock you personally.

What to do? I hate spam & spammers but that won’t make them go away…

Thank you in advance for your forbearance & please do Comment on our posts.

(for those interested technically, we use several databases to check whether a spammer has already been reported – a main one is Stop Forum Spam to which we contribute).

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  • Nicholas Morrison

    This plugin has been discontinued & withdrawn. Now we only use Akismet which is free & is made by Autonomy who own WordPress (also Videopress & other programs).

    Akismet is a must, never blocksw genuine comments & only lets maybe 5 in 2000 through, but they are listed as I moderate all comments.

    I hadn’t cleaned out spam for 48 hours & there were nearly 3000 in the Spam Folder.

    Jai Akismet, Nico.

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