Arthur Mandelbaum – A Life in Buddhism.

Terris Temple ( ) recorded Arthur Mandelbaum (2016) in Thailand. This is a moving account of a lifelong journey into Tibetan Buddhism:

Arthur Mandelbaum - A Life in Buddhism.

A tour de force. Arthur covers his life in Buddhism, from arriving in India (1965), via The Sanskrit University (Varanasi 1965/1968) to his later work in NYC with Geshe Jamspal, translating Tibetan & Sanskrit texts. For thirty years he taught English in the New York public school system. Arthur died in NYC, 2016.

Jay, Turina & Arthur.

Arthur wrote: I believe that was ’66. I was taking the Sanskrit Pramana Patriya course of studies and the Tibetan Diploma with Lama Jamspal. Where did that suit come from though?



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