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Arthur Mandelbaum – A Life in Buddhism.

Terris Temple ( ) recorded Arthur Mandelbaum (2016) in Thailand. This is a moving account of a lifelong journey into Tibetan Buddhism:

Arthur Mandelbaum - A Life in Buddhism.

A tour de force. Arthur covers his life in Buddhism, from arriving in India (1965), via The Sanskrit University (Varanasi 1965/1968) to his later work in NYC with Geshe Jamspal, translating Tibetan & Sanskrit texts. For thirty years he taught English in the New York public school system. Arthur died in NYC, 2016.

Jay, Turina & Arthur.

Arthur wrote: I believe that was ’66. I was taking the Sanskrit Pramana Patriya course of studies and the Tibetan Diploma with Lama Jamspal. Where did that suit come from though?




Paul Leake & Kailash Ray Interviews I of III

Video interview with Paul Leake & Kailash Ray, Part I of III; interviewer Arthur Mandelbaum; Phuket, Thailand, July 2011,  length 19:24. Tabla Paul’s account of how he became a student of North Indian Classical music, who his teachers were and where he studied.

Samsara is time devouring. Everyone is busy and has obligations. It was difficult to find the time and a conducive place to interview Tabla Paul and Kailash Ray for The Flower Raj and for posterity.  The perfect circumstances for them to tell the stories of how they became musicians in the North Indian Classical tradition manifested in July 2011 in Phuket, Thailand.

I interviewed them with the small hand held Flip HD Camcorder. The voice behind the camera is mine, a long time friend of all involved.

The video has three sections. Part I (this video)  is Tabla Paul’s account of how he became a student of North Indian Classical music, who his teachers were and where he studied.

Part II will be Kailash Ray’s story of how he came to the sarod  (a lifetime love affair), who his teachers were and where he studied.

Part III consists of repartee between Tabla Paul and Kailash Ray evoked by the ‘audience’  member Sitar Andy, who was there at the beginning [the 1960s] as well.

Paul was still recovering form a serious thumb injury and Kailash Ray’s sarod was in need of repair at the time of the interview. Hopefully, a video of them playing together as well as more stories will be forthcoming. ( by Arthur Mandelbaum 2011).


Tabla Paul Leake playing with Michael Bocian (audio with images).

The Flower Raj Original Music Sampler listen to Tabla Paul & other original music tracks (audio playlist).

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The Mind’s Ear, Larry Porter Tabla Trio (Paul Leake on tabla).

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Mahapurush Mishra (Magic of Juju)

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Ganesh Baba talks with Terry Clifford

Ganesh Baba - 01Terry Clifford - 01

A one hour, two part, audio interview (sides A & B – 30 minutes each) digitised from the original audio cassette tape and made into high-quality (320kbps) MP3.

Ganesh Baba, ‘The Psychedelic Guru’ is talking with Terry Clifford, in Kathmandu, Nepal – 20th September 1976.

(Use the built-in players below or download the original files).

A Side – Ganesh Baba talks with Terry Clifford (31:49  – 74,573KB).


B Side – Ganesh Baba talks with Terry Clifford (31:50 – 74,642KB)


Ganesh Baba:

Born around 1890 in Orissa, India, little  is known of his early life; he is said to have married and to have had financial, social, and familial success.  By the 1960s, as an old man,  he had become a renunciate spiritual seeker and he met and interacted with many Westerners over the remainder of his life. Ganesh Baba visited and taught in the USA between 1979 & 1981. He died in Nainital, India, in 1987.

Encyclopaedia Photo Album

Terry Clifford:

Terry was born in New York in 1945, and after gaining a degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1967, she worked first as a psychiatric nurse in New York & then headed East to India and Nepal. She became a Buddhist, learnt Tibetan and studied Tibetan Medicine, later being awarded a Ph. D and working on a Tibetan Pharmacopoeia under a grant from the Wellcome Trust.  She died tragically of cancer in 1987 at the early age of forty-two.

Encyclopaedia Photo Album


Audio tapes from the collection of Terry Clifford, courtesy Arthur Mandelbaum.

High-quality audio digitisation and editing by Charlie Martin.


Excerpts from this were published in High Times as Terry Clifford, “Interview with a Dope Guru … Ganesh Baba,” High Times, Number 29, January 1978, pp. 78-79, 112-113.


Paul Giraud – Memories of Jasper – Part I

Paul Giraud (aka ‘Taxi Paul’ or ‘Babes’)  interviewed by Arthur Mandelbaum in New York City, October 2009 – video length 22m:37s.

[podcast format=”video”][/podcast]

Arthur Mandelbaum wrote:

Paul would like the name Paul Giraud used. His nicknames are Taxi Paul (old days) and Babes (nowadays) as he’s been calling his friends ‘babes’ for years.

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