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‘GOA : some origins’ by Blond Peter

BMT & Company - Anjuna 1973

BMT & Company - Anjuna '73

Extract from a work in progress “ORIGINALLY…” .


“I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
But for one brief Shining moment
That’s how conditions were”.
(apologies to Camelot)

Swarming is a natural state in organisms, be they bees or people.  We all recognise the motivation of a Memorial Day march, the football crowd, the Mardi Gras Parade or the gatherers at a Khumba Mela.
By the time the nineteen-seventies were under way, we baby boomers thought we had invented swarming.  We kept getting away with the most outrageous stunts, like swarming through the streets to oppose a war that our elders had initiated.
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“I’m Waiting for the Man” – Night Music

‘… and if Anjuna Beach had an anthem, that should be it …’.

Dave Tomory wrote:
I asked my friend Constance if I could call her short video Night Music – as in Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – because apart from me, all the people playing in it are German.

I meant it as a sort of tribute. For instance, the house you see us rehearsing in, the house Harry, the harp and acoustic guitar player, and Christine, had been living and playing in for many years, with many different musicians, was music and hospitality central in the part of north Goa that most of us lived in.
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