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Flower Raj “Articles” – A Review

pen & inkwell

We were asked to make  a section of The Flower Raj devoted to self-publishing; where anyone can have their own account & create, edit & publish their own material. The Flower Raj Articles debuted in June 2011 & has been a quiet treasure ever since.

some of the authors:

george farrow

Sadhu George Farrow – prolific, scholarly; Hevajra Tantra, Sadhus.

Bashka JacobsBashka Jacobs – poems, free verse;  more on  facebook.

Buddha BoudreauxBuddha Boudreaux – personal bodyguard of Bhagwan  (Osho) .

Vinaya ChaitanyaVinaya Chaitanya – Gurukula life…

Jose LargeJose Large – “Miss Rose – Departures”, poetry in motion.

Neal RockNeil Rock – stories, memories of travel.

Another author.Christopher Freeland – changes India put him through.

Another author.

Mike Lesser – Tony Jackson, the electroshock ward.

Brice BowmanBrice Bowman – his ’60s journey to India .

Nico MorrisonNico Morrison – the Jogini hydro dispute.


Why not join The Flower Raj Articles? Use the  Contact Form & we will make you an account & email it to you. Write for yourself & right for us…

It is a simple process (though capable of refinement); basically you write your article in plain text on your laptop (or ‘phone or internet cafe) & then login to the articles site & paste in your text; you save it, you check it, you preview it & if it’s OK – you hit publish & it’s out there.

Additionally you can add images which always spice up an article; & if you want to add a video inside the article, you make a Youtube video & then just embed it.

Sooooooo simple; so all you budding writers out there, get stuck in, sharpen your pens & your wits & add your material to The Flower Raj Articles.


Dave Tomory & Oral History

Studs Terkel "Hard Times".So I ordered “Hard Times” from the London interlibrary system after my last meeting with Dave.  Studs Terkel seemed a good person to start my oral history research with.

But it didn’t arrive in time for this meeting and I had some vague questions about the different types of people who had gone to India and their reasons for doing so.

After rejecting my proposal “Beats, Buddhists, Freaks & Swamies” (‘I was too late for the Beats ….’ ) Dave patiently answered my incoherent queries; we ended up with five minutes of audio.

I would suggest to anyone interested in contemporary history that they read some Studs, or listen to one of his many audio recordings, a great communicator was he.

Five minute interview with Dave Tomory:


Download here:

Friday 28th August 2009 – North London, UK – podcast feed HERE

Oral History:

“Hard Times”, by Studs Terkel, is an oral history of the Great (American) Depression, published in 1970.  It is interesting to me that he wrote it 40 years after the Great Depression began in 1929. It seems that a generation space (30 to 40 years) is needed to achieve some distance from an oral history subject.

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David Tomory – Seasons of Writing

Dave Tomory - London July 2009.

Dave Tomory - London July 2009.

On Friday (24/07/2009) afternoon I interviewed the writer Dave Tomory, author of  A Season in Heaven: True Tales from the Road to Kathmandu – to find out why he wrote the book and whether he had any tips for me with this web site.

As a diligent historian Dave counselled me to read Studs Terkel and work on strict plot lines.  Study oral history and be disciplined. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

Here he is with Rudyard Kipling on the wall behind him.

“I told them, I don’t need your real name, but I do want your real story”.

Podcast Dave Tomory interview (15 minutes 10mB .mp3):


Download here:


A Season in Heaven

Remembering the Hippie Trail

Wikipedia – Studs Terkel

Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression

Studs Terkel Dot Org

Sadly – Studs Terkel died 31 October 2008.

Oral History Society (UK)


Idiots! In the Land of the Gods!

Perhaps this site should be subtitled “Idiots in the Land of the Gods” along the lines of Dostoevsky’s Prince Myshkin and others of that venerable lineage of literary lunatics. The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoevsky

The innocent; the obsessed; the intoxicated; the stoned; the lovers of life; the runners from reality; the addicted; the self-important; the self-styled; the gurus; the shishyas; the chelas; the ticket-less; the visa-less.

The ones who threw their money away every evening so they’d start each day with nothing; the ones who walked barefoot from Europe to India, without passports, detouring around every border post on foot.

Those who hired horses and became Afghan tribesmen for the duration, bought the horse in Kandahar and sold it on the Khyber Pass for a small profit.

The ones who walked from Kathmandu to Thyangboche monastery past the base of Mount Everest and became wood-block printers until the rainy season drove them back. Thyangboche Monastery c1964.

Barefoot babas; naked nagas; on the ice to Badrinath & Kedarnath shivering intoxicated in rude blankets and chillum smoke.

How to tell their stories; how to listen to them? What will be lost and what should be retained?


Fyodor Dostoevsky – The Idiot

Thyangboche Monastery – FAO


Wikipedia – Thyangboche Monastery