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Nico - Rohtang Pass 1996I am Nico Morrison & run this Blog & the associated Photo albums, Encyclopaedia & Multimedia video & Audio pages. I have been out of action with both a broken shoulder & a severe depression (bipolar) that I am prone to from time to time. Bane of my life.

The plan is to restart everything; currently I can only receive emails at so please contact me at that address if you have any queries or concerns.

Many apologies for my extended absence & a newsletter with further details & other material will be sent to all my lovely subscribers & contributors.


On Spammers & Blocking them.

Two years ago we averaged one hundred spam Comments a day. Last year it went up to one thousand a day. Right now we get between 1500 & 2000 spam Comments a day & I decided to do something about it. Continue reading ‘On Spammers & Blocking them.’


Hailstorm in Vashisht Village

On the 29th May 2011  the village of Vashisht, near Manali in the Kullu Valley,  was hit by a freak hailstorm.

It’s amazing how quickly the weather can change in the Himalayas; at 2:00pm it was a beautifully sunny summer’s day.

At 2:30pm storm clouds gathered, the wind lifted & suddenly, without warning, it began to hail. At first the hailstones were small, but within a few minutes they had become, some of them, as large as golf balls.

The Vashisht apple  crop, the villager’s main cash crop, already damaged by frost earlier in the year, was almost obliterated.

This is the first post to show full HD video from our new video hosting provider Videopress.



Site Update – 18 Sept ’09

I am soliciting feedback and comments on the structure of this site:
A simple Home Page (above) gives entry to the;


BLOG (Articles, Stories, Reporting):
factual or fantastical, text, images, audio and video.

PHOTOS (People, Places, Art):
one album per person – linked to the wiki page.

WIKI (small encyclopaedia):
each page is linked to the relevant photo album.

Jasper Photo album is linked to Jasper Wiki page;

My next work is to add wiki pages to the existing photo albums (Bhaskar, TJ, Mataji, et al); after that I’ll start adding in people whose photos I have, giving them a photo album and a wiki page each.

Feel free to make comments on anything. Complaints on navigation, style, etc to me by email only please.

You can login to the Wiki to create and update pages.
You can log in to the Photo albums to make Comments on photos.
Blog posts can be commented on without a login but are moderated.

Test it all out – I want bugs out before the site gets too much momentum!


Idiots! In the Land of the Gods!

Perhaps this site should be subtitled “Idiots in the Land of the Gods” along the lines of Dostoevsky’s Prince Myshkin and others of that venerable lineage of literary lunatics. The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoevsky

The innocent; the obsessed; the intoxicated; the stoned; the lovers of life; the runners from reality; the addicted; the self-important; the self-styled; the gurus; the shishyas; the chelas; the ticket-less; the visa-less.

The ones who threw their money away every evening so they’d start each day with nothing; the ones who walked barefoot from Europe to India, without passports, detouring around every border post on foot.

Those who hired horses and became Afghan tribesmen for the duration, bought the horse in Kandahar and sold it on the Khyber Pass for a small profit.

The ones who walked from Kathmandu to Thyangboche monastery past the base of Mount Everest and became wood-block printers until the rainy season drove them back. Thyangboche Monastery c1964.

Barefoot babas; naked nagas; on the ice to Badrinath & Kedarnath shivering intoxicated in rude blankets and chillum smoke.

How to tell their stories; how to listen to them? What will be lost and what should be retained?


Fyodor Dostoevsky – The Idiot

Thyangboche Monastery – FAO


Wikipedia – Thyangboche Monastery


Sorting the Gallery

Added some Kumbha Mela 2001 photographs.   Would like to know who is in them?

Cleaned up the display of images, hid the searchable  keywords and generally improved the user experience.

Still need a header image – something bright and flowery. Maybe I’ll chopshop the opium poppy image.

Poppy Flowers

Poppy Flowers

What do you think?