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The Art of Washing Clothes

Dhobi learned how to meditate from his uncle who became a monk in the Vipassana tradition.


dhobi - the art of washing clothes

dhobi – the art of washing clothes

Dhobi found he could incorporate the watching of his breath and bodily movements while washing his clothes on the banks of the river.  He was in this conscious state of squeezing, sudsing, wringing, and rinsing his clothes when he was spotted by a group of travelers searching for a guru.  They were immediately hypnotized by the transcendental manner of his washing.  Even with their limited experience they could tell that Dhobi was no ordinary washerman.

Soon “The Art of Washing Clothes as a Means to Enlightenment” became a lively topic of discussion in the tea stalls along the river.  It wasn’t long before Dhobi could be seen sitting in a lotus posture on a bluff overlooking the river while below Dhobi’s disciples perfected the art of washing clothes.

Dhobi’s fame, thus far confined to this international group of travelers, diminished when the majority of them were expelled from the country.  A periodic round-up of foreigners by the immigration police revealed that many of the visitors held expired visas.  Dhobi was perplexed by the loss of his helpers.  As the last busload of travelers was setting off for the border, Dhobi waved from the station.

“Isn’t the search for enlightenment more important than passbooks stamped in red?” he asked the Commissioner of  Police?

There was no reply.