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Success at Jogini Falls.

Villagers of Vashisht are happy & relieved today. The Himachal Pradesh Government made the decision at Cabinet Level to cancel entirely the proposed 1MW hydro project at Jogini Falls. Celebrations are being held in honour of the Goddess (Jogini Devi “Ma Mai”). More when details become available:[wpvideo wnnJhWHd w=”640″] jogini fallsan article in the flower raj encyclopaedia on the goddess, the people & the place; with photos & videos & links to other sites.

“The Jogini waterfalls are basically the sacred bathing place for “Joginis” who are believed to be the unwed daughters of Lord Indra. It is on the first of Baisakh that the locals bring their children for their first tonsure here above the Bashisht village”.

“The Jogini waterfall is near Vashisht village. Every day a large number of domestic and foreign tourists visit it and the Jogini temple. The villagers from the valley visit and perform their rites at the temple and till date follow the custom of serving food in plates made of stone”.