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Nico - Rohtang Pass 1996I am Nico Morrison & run this Blog & the associated Photo albums, Encyclopaedia & Multimedia video & Audio pages. I have been out of action with both a broken shoulder & a severe depression (bipolar) that I am prone to from time to time. Bane of my life.

The plan is to restart everything; currently I can only receive emails at micronicos@gmail.com so please contact me at that address if you have any queries or concerns.

Many apologies for my extended absence & a newsletter with further details & other material will be sent to all my lovely subscribers & contributors.


Letter from Kathmandu – September 2009

From our war & peace correspondent  Andy Klein who was last there in 1971.

Diggers behind Swayambu - April 2009.Haze over Swayambu - April 2009.Kathmandu is exactly the same as it was in 1969 except it has 3 times the population. There has been very little infrastructure investment; basically the same airport, highways, power grid (the neighborhoods look like Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon; a patchwork of homemade electrical connections at head height), with 3 times the population. The crowds, the traffic, the pollution; the pollution! It would take your breath away. I have never experienced air quality like that before; not in Benares, not in Sana’a, or Istanbul, not even in Ahmadabad. Nowhere else. An urban mess of staggering proportions.

We loved it. The people were the Nepalis of old; great folk.

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Site Update – 18 Sept ’09

I am soliciting feedback and comments on the structure of this site:
A simple Home Page (above) gives entry to the;


BLOG (Articles, Stories, Reporting):
factual or fantastical, text, images, audio and video.

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one album per person – linked to the wiki page.

WIKI (small encyclopaedia):
each page is linked to the relevant photo album.

Jasper Photo album is linked to Jasper Wiki page;

My next work is to add wiki pages to the existing photo albums (Bhaskar, TJ, Mataji, et al); after that I’ll start adding in people whose photos I have, giving them a photo album and a wiki page each.

Feel free to make comments on anything. Complaints on navigation, style, etc to me by email only please.

You can login to the Wiki to create and update pages.
You can log in to the Photo albums to make Comments on photos.
Blog posts can be commented on without a login but are moderated.

Test it all out – I want bugs out before the site gets too much momentum!


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